As subtle as a sledgehammer. Image credit: Yodo1

As subtle as a sledgehammer. Image credit: Yodo1

Update – Cut The Rope: Time Travel will not be available on KakaoTalk as of yet. The story is updated to reflect the change. 

While the Cut The Rope physics-based puzzle games are a hit, they have yet to find traction in regions like China. Yodo1, a China-based company that helps publish Western games and works closely with its developers, plans to expand beyond its region.

A Venturebeat report stated that the publisher is teaming up with studio ZeptoLab to bring Cut The Rope 2 to Asia-focused chat programme KakaoTalk (with Cut The Rope: Time Travel coming soon). You don’t need us to tell you how big KakaoTalk is in places such as Korea and Malaysia, ergo making it a great hub for apps to gain popularity and traction there.

Yodo1 will also release all six of ZeptoLab’s Cut The Rope games in China. “As we’ve helped developers move into China,” said Yodo1 CEO Henry Fong, “we’ve discovered that they’ve also been having troubles with other key Asian markets; where not just the gameplay and monetisation are different, but often the discovery and distribution mechanics are also quite different from the US or European markets.”

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Apart from this, Yodo1 is also co-developing updated versions of the game optimised for China’s mobile market and for KakaoTalk. Fong said that the publisher works closely with game designers like ZeptoLab. “We started expanding into Korea last year in October with a production company out in Seoul, and that team has been working with ZeptoLab on Cut the Rope 2 in particular, to add a lot to the game design.”

ZeptoLab CEO Misha Lyalin said that this team-up will make its games reach new markets. “We want to ensure that players across the world can enjoy our games, and we’re confident Yodo1 will help us bring our unique game experience to new fans in China and Korea.”

So what’s next for Yodo1? It plans on checking out other popular Asian chat apps, specifically Japan’s very own app LINE. It has yet to announce concrete plans for the app, but it’s apparent that the trend of putting apps onto other base apps such as KakaoTalk and LINE is on a huge rise.