Outpost, a co-working and co-living company based in Indonesia and Cambodia, announced that it has raised a US$1.3 million seed funding from EverHaus, Strypes Holdings, and Clarenberg Ventures.

The company said that it will use the funding to expand Outpost’s destination co-working, co-living, and travel services in APAC, including a fourth location to be announced soon.

Outpost Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Outpost Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Outpost Cambodia

The Economist has recently estimated that by 2035 there will be 1 billion remote workers.

“These remote workers are part of a greater value shift. They’re breaking new ground as they experiment with a life that is not dominated by industrial-era work hours and work weeks, but instead is built around flexible ways of working together, living together, and exploring the world,” says David Abraham, Outpost’s Cofounder.

Bryan Stewart and David Abraham, co-founders of Outpost Co-Working and Co-Living

Outpost provides a combination of co-living rooms, co-working spaces, and travel logistics — alongside community events and adventure activities. Outpost said that it operates with an asset-lite model, transforming underperforming hotel properties into boutique communal work and living spaces catering to the needs of location independent professionals.

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“We’re an Asia-based team with a global outlook. Being genuinely connected with the local communities we operate within is important to us in order to be both sustainable and profitable in the market,” said Abraham.

In 2018, Outpost claimed that it has sold a total of 3,440 Outpost memberships.

Meet Outpost’s founders in the upcoming Echelon conference in Singapore on May 23–24, 2019 and learn more about Outpost experience.