Cognitive media processing company Graymatics will be expanding “significantly” in Southeast Asia in the coming months. Company’s President and CEO, Abhijit Shanbhag, told e27 that it’s planning offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bandung, Indonesia.

“Bandung is the digital valley of Indonesia. It makes sense for us to be there instead of Jakarta,” said Shanbhag.

Founded in 2010, in Silicon Valley, Graymatics is known for its technology that recognises and categorises image and video content. Definite search can be made within videos, which is not meta data dependent. Shanbhag gave an example. “If someone is looking for Angelina Jolie in a green dress, the algorithms can pinpoint to the video in which she appears.”

The technology can be used by advertisers and ad networks who want contextual advertising to appear in videos at certain dramatic points. It can detect brands within videos, enabling advertisers to have a call-for-action and track it. Similarly, publishers, particularly e-commerce players too can use the technology. “We enable computers and mobile devices to scan just about any photo or video in the world and tell you what they are about and who or what is in them. For example, if someone likes a dress at a shop, the user can take its picture with a smartphone camera, and enabled by an app, the user can search for online retail stores that are selling the same or similar dress and compare prices,” explained Shanbhag.

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Shanbhag said that one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Southeast Asia is using Graymatics’ technology to study demographics and consumer behaviour at a retail store. The technology allows it to study not only human gender and age, but race and emotions too. While Shanbhag did not reveal how the telco would be using the data, understandably, the data could be sold to advertisers for targeted advertising.

“Some of the very big carriers in Japan and Europe have launched the Graymatics platform over last four weeks. There are several other exciting customers, which will be announced in the near future,” the CEO said. He, however, declined to name the companies that are using the technology.

Besides telcos, video platforms and fashion publishers, security agencies and surveillance companies too are using the Graymatics platform.

The company has active business development teams in Japan and Korea too. While a major chunk of the revenue comes from US currently, Shanbhag expects the ratio to tilt in favour of Asia this year, which he says could be as high as 40 per cent. He expects 30 per cent revenues from Europe and 25 per cent from US, and the rest five per cent from Latin America.

Besides Southeast Asia, Graymatics is also eyeing South America, Brazil, Argentina and Russia as potential markets for expansion.