ComeSingapore launches on Android via Travelogy and TripFlick

Travelogy has announced a partnership with TripFlick for the launch of ComeSingapore a travel guide for the Android platform.

By Jacky Yap

TripFlick is an offline travel planning app for the Android platform launched in May. The app features a semantic recommendation platform, which powers the latest ComeSingapore app in offering travelers a deeper appreciation of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. This is done through a combination of trip planning and travel guide features.

The story of the partnership is quite interesting. The two companies’ founders met at a local startup event and shook hands on the collaboration before the drinks ran out. Travelogy founder Winnie Tan says the partnership goes beyond mutual benefits, but instead focuses on creating something useful.

“As we are both travel start-ups, we were inevitably a little guarded when we first started talking, unsure if we were competitors. But we hit it off really well and decided that there could be much synergy between the two products. Too often do start-ups promise to do something together at networking events without making things happen. We decided to overlook the ‘what-is-in-it-for-us’ and just focus on creating something that will be useful to our users.”

The ComeSingapore app provides a platform through which visitors can gain a deeper appreciation of Singapore, its rich culture and heritage. Like a personal tour guide, the app will be there for the traveller from planning of itineraries to guiding them around the city, describing attractions, restaurants and more.

More partnerships in the local startup scene

A few weeks back, we saw four other startups in Singapore working together to launch a marketing campaign. Those startups are recently-launched mobile app for couples LoveByte, peer-to-peer task outsourcing platform TaskAmigo, a professional wedding proposal platform HelpYouMarry, as well as recently-acquired HungryGoWhere. With another partnership between Singapore based startups announced this month, we are slowly seeing more startups coming to work together.

Likewise, October saw mobile loyalty app Perx partnering with Singtel to expand their reach in Singapore, while HungryGoWhere has also teamed up with online reservation site Reserveit.

Travelogy recently received a S$ 250,000 investment (US$ 203,467) from Crystal Horse Investment, and has two main products: and The new ComeSingapore app is free to download on Google Play.

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