Staring longingly at food pictures on Pinterest and wondering if you will ever get to eat them in real life is now passe. A new Android app called Sembako will allow you to share images of your favourite food whilst also received exciting dining offers at said restaurant.

“We want to make shopping for food more fun and collaborative. The more you shop and share, the more opportunities are opened to explore new food,” explained Walesa Danto, CTO of Sembako. He also added that there are no shopping apps in the top 15 most downloaded apps in the United States.

What makes Sembako different is the opportunity for users to share and vote for their favourite food item, and buy it with the ease of a simple swipe. Users can share deals and get more ‘swiping power’ through every link clicked by their friends. In the end, they can swipe to claim the voucher and use it to dine at the restaurant, turning the app into new way of discovering food choices and discounts to delicious desserts, snacks and beverages collaboratively.

In addition, the app provides food merchants the opportunity to collaborate with each other to better serve the local and global community.

Sembako Social will soon be available for free on the Android Market in Bahasa for Indonesian foodies and food merchants. The startup expects to acquire 300,000 users in the first 12 months and then extend its reach to food lovers worldwide.

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Emerging from hackathon

Danto heads one of the three winning teams emerging from the Merdeka Hackathon 2015 held on August 22-23 — the first ever nation-wide coding competition sponsored by the government. As part of the greater Code4Nation movement, the hackathon provides opportunity for developers to showcase their skills in helping the Indonesian government solve a problem.

Encouraging Indonesian developers to keep raising the question “How can we help?”, this year’s challenge was to help government develop an application that would allow it to help monitor rising food commodity price in the market.

“We are calling developers across Indonesia to help solve various challenges faced by this nation by utilising IT applications,” said Darmawan Prasodjo, Deputy I of Development Management, the Presidential Staff Office Priority Programme. He also added that the government is looking forward to “shockingly brilliant” solutions coming from IT communities.

Held in conjunction with the Indonesian Independence Day, the event was facilitated by the Presidential Staff Office where winners had the opportunity to meet with President Joko Widodo. About 380 participants registered for the event.

Image Credit: Stock Creations/Shutterstock