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This spotlight is on 689Cloud, cloud-based platform solution and Judges’ Choice of TOP100 Vietnam Qualifier. We got the chance to interview co-founder and CEO Johnny LE about what 689 Cloud does, how it’s far too easy to compromise documents, and what helps a diverse team work seamlessly together.

On what 689Cloud does

689Cloud is cloud-based, private cloud platform and customised solution that makes simplified secured file sharing and collaboration for businesses and large enterprises.

On what makes 689Cloud different from other cloud services

Unlike other cloud services (such as Box, Dropbox), 689Cloud protects documents IN TRANSIT, AT REST and AT WORK with IRM (Information Right Management) technology to allow business owners end-to-end control of the document even after they have been shared or downloaded to a local device. It can prevent copying and re-sharing, control who opens, prints or edits documents, and revoke access anytime, anywhere.

On how they’re able to do that

The security technology is embedded at document level, so wherever the document travels, it’s still controlled and authenticated by itself.

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On technology making it far too easy to share information

Businesses always need to share information with employees, customers, and partners. Cloud services such as Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox provide convenient file-sharing. However, files and important information are not secure AFTER they have been shared, so that there is a very large risk of confidential information being leaked, stolen, or lost.

On why we should be concerned about data breaches (apart from the obvious)

In 2017, there are more than 2.6 billion records beached and 1,756 breaching incidents globally. The average cost of a data breach in 2017 is US$3.6 million. It’s huge number.

On digital transformation in Asia

Enterprise digital transformation now just beginning in Vietnam and Asia and cloud security is becoming more and more important in digital transformation. We believe that cloud is the core platform of a digital future and our mission is to develop and apply innovative technology into a digital transformation network.

On how time makes a great team

Before starting 689Cloud, the founding team and core developer team already worked together for more than 5 years in many successful projects. We’re a mixed culture of U.S., Japan, and Vietnam so we have a very global style.

On how culturally-diverse teams can work seamlessly

Our team culture and core values of teamwork, innovation, and thinking big bring us together. The team is passionate about what they do, think big, and are willing undertake challenges.

On the the 689Cloud mission

Our mission is contributing to society by creating technology to make businesses better and modernise the ways they work. We create a positive effect to the enterprise/business world by continuously improving their security and productivity by way of robust, trusted cloud technologies.

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On joining TOP100 APAC

It’s great opportunity for us to explore opportunities in Asia and the global Startup ecosystem. By joining TOP100, we have the chance to connect with overseas investors, partners, and customers.

On what they’re bringing to Echelon

Everyone would see the new generation of technology and how 689Cloud simplified security and improve communications, collaboration, productivity with our customers, partners, and employees that can help enterprises modernise the way they work.

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