Consulus, a consultancy that possesses 10 years of insights into organisational collaboration, has launched its new CastleUp social network app, which aims to help companies to quickly share ideas and updates, and retrieve them later on.

Being browser-based, CastleUp is platform-independent, being accessible on any mobile device or workstation with a browser. According to the company, employees who may be using different platforms will all see the same company feed, unlocking the potential for useful, bite-sized information to be shared. For example, HR departments can use CastleUp to post staff memos and marketing teams can post new campaigns to seek feedback.

To discourage spam, CastleUp encourages users to categorise each new post as ‘Experience’, ‘Know-How’, or ‘Fun’. Users are also required to tag their posts so that they can be sorted and categorised further.

It also includes a gamified element known as Castle Tokens, which is a score of how well users are interacting on CastleUp. In addition to counting the volume of new posts, it takes note of how other people react to them, giving employees a metric with which to measure the usefulness of the information they share.

For companies and their employees, privacy and security of information is normally a major concern, which may be the reason why companies are slow to adopt social networking as a collaboration tool. Consulus says CastleUp is a safe environment for employees to connect with one another, without revealing too much.

“We believe that the social media space is maturing and the information-sharing approach should evolve, not do more of the same,” said Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, adding, “Through our work in organisational change, we see firsthand the frustration of people trying to organise the information they receive at work, and so we have designed CastleUp around the concept of improving the quality of what is shared.”

CastleUp comes in two versions — a basic one that is free to use and a paid one that adds features such as deeper company insights and enterprise tools.

“We are not pursuing an ad-supported model, as we believe it treats people like commodities. We believe that people want to be engaged in an intelligent way, and the insights and tools should serve different organisations in a relevant way,” Chong stated on CastleUp’s revenue model.

Consulus’ plans for CastleUp include a catalogue of programmes and products from other consulting practices from different firms, slated for launch at the end of the year.