corporate venture capital

A quick lesson on the basics:

Corporate venture capital (CVC) is the investment of corporate funds directly on external startups for an equity stake. They may or may not also provide management and marketing expertise. The key word here is directly. No third parties, no middlemen. Just straight-up giving money to startups they don’t own.

By all indications, CVC-backed deals is on the rise. In Asia alone, over 30 per cent of all venture funding come from CVCs.

This is a good thing. Why? Well..

  • Corporate VCs add value beyond the funds. They bring with them expertise to guide startups that may lack business acumen and help them become marketable and globally competitive
  • The pace of industry disruptions is growing exponentially. Corporate VCs are in a position to be at the forefront of these disruptions and to drive innovation that is strategic to the corporation that created the fund.
  • A partnership between startups and corporations (by way of CVCs) is beneficial to the ecosystem in general and to the startup and corporation involved in particular. We talked about this, remember?

So, how does one go about creating a CVC? How do you go about choosing who to fund? Should every startup that a CVC funds need to be potential partners or acquisitions? And how do you choose the people who chooses who to invest in, anyway?

Join speakers Albert Shyy (Principal at Burda Principal Investments) and Adit Swarup (Principal at Rakuten Ventures) as they discuss the tips and tricks of a corporate venture capital at Echelon Asia Summit 2017. The panel, which is moderated by Mario Aquino (founder and managing partner of FutureLabs Ventures), will cover various topics including building your brand, which KPIs you should measure, and how to attract and retain talent.

The panel discussion on corporate accelerators will be held at the corporate innovations stage, accessible to Corporate pass holders.

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About the Corporate Venture Capital panel

corporate venture capital

Albert Shyy joined Burda in 2017 and heads Burda Principal Investments’ Singapore office. Previously he was at GREE Ventures from 2014 to 2017, where he led the fund’s investment team in Southeast Asia and India. Prior to this, he served as a Director at Lazada Group, Southeast Asia’s largest ecommerce retailer, helping build the company’s Marketplace business across the region. Other professional experience includes co-founding an online menswear company in the US called AlbertMing Inc. and spending 5 years as a consultant at Monitor Group across the US and Asia. He completed his MBA at the University of California, Berkeley and studied at the University of Pennsylvania with dual degrees in economics and systems engineering.

corporate venture capital

Adit Swarup is a Principal at Rakuten Ventures and is responsible for early-stage investments around the world and across the IT sector. He has been with Rakuten Ventures since 2014 and initially managed investments in the US before broadening his focus to include APAC and Europe. Adit has supported RV’s investments in 10+ technology companies and currently serves on the Board of ViSenze.

corporate venture capital

Mario Aquino is the founder & Managing Partner of FutureLabs Ventures – a venture capital firm focussed on long-term digital mega-trends that are reshaping the world. Prior to FutureLabs, he was a partnerof McKinsey & Company where he co-founded McKinsey SOlutions and led the broader McKinseyNew Venures in Asia Pacific. Mario brings 20 years of investment, business buildig, and entrepreneurial  experience in the big dataand advanced analytics space and is a core expert on digital innovation, fintech, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics

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