Between, the Korean private mobile application for couples, has just hit its one millionth download mark today.

Between first launched its open beta on November 22, 2011 and went live with its official 1.0 version on March 7, 2012. In just four months, the company had been successfully making partnerships with companies overseas to expand their service globally and eventually evolve into the ultimate platform for couples.

Edward Lee, co-founder of Between also told us that during this progress, the app received a lot of love from prestigious press as well as won multiple awards internationally. Of course, Between is operating in a competitive space, with multiple competitors such as Y Combinator alumnus, Pair, Cupple, Avocado, as well as a handful of others competing to win the hearts of couples.

Some of the amazing tractions which Between is seeing right now includes a total of a million app downloads. This represents a growth of 100,000 downloads in the last three weeks since the team pitched at Echelon 2012. On top of that, the app also sees a total of 4.6 million messages sent per day, 0.5 million monthly active users, and an average of 300 minutes spent per month on the popular app. To put this into context, the average time spent per month on Facebook is 405 minutes, Twitter 89 minutes, LinkedIn 21 minutes, and only three minutes on Google+.

Over 76 precent of their total app downloads comes from the Korean market, with the rest split between China (7 percent), Japan (5 percent), and elsewhere in Asia (3 percent). The team will start promoting Between in Japan this coming August. The team also has huge plans to venture into Southeast Asia as well as the United States. Some of the awards won by Between includes coming up as first runner up during Echelon 2012, securing “The Best Mobile App” award at The Next Web Conference, coming in at second place in GMIC 2012 held in China, as well as coming up as second place at the Korean Young Entrepreneur Competition.

Edward also shared with us how Echelon 2012 has helped Between: “The main goal of participating the Echelon 2012 was to find good partners and investors to help Between go global. I think our company has found many values from the event and the completely helpful staff. We have received an MVP award from Global Brain and were invited to the Annual Global Brain Alliance Forum to make partnership opportunities in Japan. Furthermore, we are discussing with organizations and other companies about setting our US office later this year and collaborations to penetrate the Southeast Asia and US market.”

The team is definitely on track to dominate the space of private social network for couples, with their feature roadmap and business models all mapped out.