Image credit: CreateTrips

Image credit: CreateTrips

CreateTrips, the recently launched Helsinki-based ‘social trip planner for the smart traveller’ currently available on iOS, has strengthened its ties in Southeast Asia by announcing new partnerships with three luxury hotels in Singapore: Swissotel, Grand Hyatt and Shangri-La.

The move aims to offer better destination information and personalised service for customers.

The startup, founded in January 2013 by Juha-Petteri Kukkonen, provides travellers and locals with ‘travel guides, maps, reviews, and more’. Its app was only just launched in summer this year and already boasts spots among the top 10 travel apps in over 75 countries.

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“At the moment, Southeast Asia is very important for us,” Kukkonen told e27, adding, “about 25 per cent of our active users are from the region. In the future, it could be even more. People in Southeast Asia are very advanced users of apps and they are travelling more all the time.”

“One of our investors, Frontier, has an office in Singapore and good connections in the area. More significant partnerships will be announced in the near future. Our mobile travel guides are very useful for hotels, tour operators and other travel-related businesses. Just four months after the launch, we already have over 30 clients from the hotel sector, mainly from the Middle East and Southeast Asia,” he further shared.

CreateTrips hopes that the new hotel partnerships in Singapore and the region will result in better mobile travel guides for users, which can be accessed offline so as not to incur data roaming charges when travelling.

In its official release, CreateTrips called hotels in Singapore ‘among the most innovative in the world’ when it comes to offering branded mobile travel guides with handpicked venues.

The startup raised a US$600,000 seed round in June 2014 from investors including Frontier, Rkapital and Butterfly Ventures.

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