For web startups, their websites, whether desktop or mobile, are windows through which they present their products to the outside world. A good-looking front-end design, coupled with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, can make a good app so much more popular among users.

With front-end design being so important, it’s natural that we, at e27, have received many such opportunities in our repository of 358 jobs from 187 companies. This week, we will be bringing you three front-end developer jobs, for those for whom HTML5 and CSS are second languages!

Senior Front-End Developer at WeConvene
WeConvene is a Hong Kong-based company that specialises in development of SaaS web applications, which are targeted at the finance and investment industry. Their eponymous app aims to deliver corporate access to both, buy and sell side clients, using the aforesaid open SaaS platforms.

Now, WeConvene is looking for a Senior Front-End Developer (Cutting Edge Technology) to assist in designing and implementing its web app’s front-end. If you’re based in Hong Kong, and have a passion for user interface design as well as the requitsite HTML5, CSS and Javascript skills, why not apply?

Front End Web Developer at FLW International LLC
FLW International LLC is a digital content production and business analytics firm that aims to shape the future of online education. In addition to producing animation, audio, and graphics for clients, it also develops cloud-based video streaming and e-commerce channels, as well as analytics and business intelligence tools.

FLW is looking for a junior to mid-career developer who is experienced in front-end web development. If you are based in San Francisco, US, and know how to manage CSS in a beautiful way, why not help them create solutions that immediately impact hundreds of thousands of students?

CSS Front End Web Designer at MatchMove Global
MatchMove Global is a Singapore-based digital entertainment and social enterprise solution provider that helps online businesses increase revenue, user engagement and loyalty through the strategic use of gamification, social networking and mobile commerce platforms. Its clients include web and telco giants such as Yahoo and Starhub, as well as media firms such as TV3 and Voice of Vietnam.

MatchMove is currently looking for an experienced CSS front-end web designer who will be responsible for improving user experience through the design, layout and coding of its site. If you are based in Singapore and have at least three years of working experience, as well as experience in HTML, CSS and LESS, why not apply for a chance to work with highly motivated people in a young, high-growth company?

Image Credit: Viktorus / Shutterstock