Singapore-based fintech startup 4xlabs has announced the launch of its currency exchange rate aggregator platform get4x in three new cities: Bangkok, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

First launched in Singapore in 2012, get4x enables users to compare foreign currency exchange rates between different money changers in selected cities all on one platform. It is available on the desktop, as well as an iOS and Android app.

4xlabs also announced that it has revamped get4x’s user interface, as well as added city maps so that users can compare foreign exchange rates from money changer outlets across the city at a glance. There is also an option to filter down to the top 5 money changers with the best exchange rates.

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In the coming weeks, it will roll out a “Request to Book” feature, which will allow users to lock in rates that they see in real time with their preferred money changer and order currency. Once their booking is confirmed, they will be able to pick up the currency at the outlet on the same day.

Although several competitors in the space such as CurrenSeek have sprung up in recent years, 4xlabs believes it has first-mover advantage and have established a foothold in regional markets.

4xlabs also said that get4x provides more accurate rates than competitors who rely on crowdsourced information because it receives the daily rates straight from the money changers. It also provides an SaaS solution to help money changers manage live rates, regulatory compliance and reporting.

To date, get4x has experienced 25,000 downloads and will be launched in other regional cites in the future.