One thousand, two hundred and sixty hours later, illustrator Dan Woodger’s hard work has finally paid off.

He was commissioned by Japanese chat app LINE to come up with 1,000 emojis in 10 weeks. Each week, he would have to deliver a set of 100 illustrations, he said in an interview with online publishing platform It’s Nice That.


That’s not the most arduous task; Woodger drew each emoji by hand — something he said was “part a labour of love and part obsessive compulsive behaviour”.

It all started with an email from Jenny Yoo, an Art Director at LINE’s Los Angeles office. They then scheduled a phone call later that day to talk about what the firm has in store for him. “My jaw hit the floor when she explained to me what they had planned,” he said.

Of course, it seemed crazy at first, but Woodger loved the challenge. “I know that I’m really good at handling high pressure deadlines, so my girlfriend and I braced ourselves for it. Essentially we knew that my life was on pause whilst I did this,” he added.


Will emojis ever replace words? Probably not anytime soon, but according to TechCrunch’s latest article about a second emoji-only social network, there are people who prefer communicating with emotive emojis to mere, boring text. Woodger echoed those thoughts, “But for someone like me who has always communicated better with images than words, it’s delightful to physically have a keyboard of my own drawings to use to talk to people.”

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The first 250 out of 1,000 emojis created by Woodger has been released. The next 750 will be made available over the next weeks.

And this is how the man sees himself as an emoji: