Indonesian dating site, TristUp, claims to have garnered 200,000 members within seven months of its launch. Yudhi Mandey, CEO, TristUp confirmed the numbers to e27, expressing his happiness on the quick generation of such a big number.

TristUp’s USP is on its signup through Facebook, which allows easy hookup with Facebook friends, without having to “feel uncomfortable, shy, or afraid of rejection.” By connecting through Facebook, Tristup members don’t have to add friends one by one.

“That’s why I always say that TristUp is not a dating site per se. Instead, it tries to fill the gap of friendship and take it further to the next level, without the need of having awkward encounters or fear of rejection,” says Mandey.

According to Mandey, TristUp is a fun place where everybody has the same goal of willing to take friendship to the next level. Users remain anonymous until they both match their real desire.

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“No more awkward conversation. It’s time to take your friendship to the next level,” is the positioning statement of the site, where users can choose from their Facebook friends and ask directly: ‘Let’s Date’.

Born in Indonesia, adopted in Australia
Mandey says the initial target market is Indonesia, but opposed to early expectation most of the members come from Australia. “It’s probably because I spent eight years in Australia, and I know the market well as much as I know the Indonesian market,” says Mandey. (Look table for details)


Of the 200,000 members, how many have really got hooked up? “We have achieved at least 60,000 matches. Though, one person can match with several members,” says Mandey, who previously started babycare information site BibTalk and medical info startup TipsDokter.

Despite the quick growth, Mandey isn’t ready to monetise TristUp yet. “We are still waiting for the right time to start monetising it.

Initially, we wanted to monetise with both regular users and premium users, but later decided against it,” says Mandey.

TristUp will be releasing an app for both iOS and Android soon.

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