The news followed shortly after their recent acquisition of Room Service Deliveries to ramp up their online food delivery service. “It took us three elevator buttons to figure it was time to expand,” says Mr. Linden, CEO of DEALGURU Holdings.

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After opening the first Collection Point at King George’s Avenue (DEAL’s office location), Mr. Teo (Assistant Manager of CRM) had a strange complaint to deal with. “Why does the 5th floor elevator button keep breaking?” the building management kept quipping. The heavy foot traffic of customers coming to redeem their purchases left us in no doubt that customers in Singapore behave much like their American counterparts, where purely e-commerce businesses like Fab, Warby Parker, Bonobos and Betabrand are quickly expanding into the brick-and-mortar business to cater to their customers’ needs.

To highlight this point further, Groupon recently launched their physical store in Singapore, which serves as a collection point and customer service center.

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