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Before we get into this list, let us first define Deep Tech.

Deep Tech is technology that is based on engineering innovation and/or scientific discoveries, mostly, but not exclusively, in the sectors of health, medicine, agriculture, energy, and industrial economy. Think genome editing or crop growth accelerators or biorobotics, or space communication.

Simply put, deep tech startups are startups whose products are engineering or scientific advances, unique, hard to replicate, and are often patent-protected.

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Given the Deep Tech startups’ intense focus on science and technology, they face a different set of challenges than other types of startups like consumer tech or enterprise software startups. An example would be that just creating a prototype would (1) cost a lot of resources, (2) may take several version before being close to acceptable, or (3) may take years to happen, as some scientific and experimental projects tend to be.

Launching a Deep Tech startup requires commitment to the project not just from the startup but also from investors. And not all investors make Deep Tech startups their focus. So, to help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of VCs that make Deep Tech a focus, or has shown interest in adding Deep Tech startups to their portfolio.

In no particular order. And as we strive for this list to be definitive and comprehensive, note that it will be frequently updated.


Looking for startups in: Singapore

The investment arm of SPRING Singapore, SPRING SEEDS Capital has announced a commitment of S$100 million to invest in deep tech startups based in Singapore. They are primarily focussing in advanced manufacturing and engineering, health and biomedical sciences, and urban solutions and sustainability.

2. Majuven

Looking for startups in: Asia

Majuven is an early and growth stage VC, focussing on deep tech startups across Asia. Their key sectors of focus are biomedical sciences, sustainable technologies, and digital convergence in technology and services.

3. New Asia Investments

Looking for startups in: Asia

Singapore-based New Asia Investments is an experienced technology investor in Asia, that invests in both venture capital opportunities and technology-related infrastructure projects. As a VC, they focus on MedTech, Clean Tech, and Industrial Innovations.

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4. BioVeda Capital

Looking for startups in: Asia

BioVeda Capital is a Singapore-based VC focussed solely on startups with proprietary technologies and scientific innovation in the healthcare sector. Their portfolio includes biopharmaceuticals, biomedical, and genomics startups.

5. MedVenture Partners

Looking for startups in: Japan

Japan-based MedVenture Partners invests in seed to early stage startups in the life sciences field. Their portfolio largely consists of startups with proprietary medical devices such as surgical robots, monitoring devices, and medical procedural systems.

6. Novartis Venture Fund

Looking for startups in: Worldwide

The investment arm of global healthcare enterprise Novartis, Novartis Venture Fund is a stage agnostic investor that focusses in startups in the healthcare sector. Its investments are across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, with a specific interest in biotechnology, biopharma, and medical devices and diagnostics.

7. Korea Seoul Life Science Fund (KSLSF)

Looking for startups in: Worldwide

The Korea Seoul Life Science Fund is a cross-border venture capital fund that invests in life sciences startups. Their areas of interest include biotechnology, drug, medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare.

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8. Omnivore Partners

Looking for startups in: India

Omnivore Partners invests in startups from India that are developing breakthrough technologies for food, agricultural, and rural livelihoods. Their portfolio consists of startups in precision agriculture, new food processing technologies, irrigation systems, and energy generation solutions.

9. Asia Cleantech Capital

Looking for startups in: Asia Pacific

Asia Cleantech Capital is an investment firm that focusses on early-stage investments in clean technology in the Asia Pacific region. They specifically target investments in the areas of clean energy, sustainable transportation, and energy efficiency.

10. Red Dot Ventures

Looking for startups in: Singapore

A seed-stage venture capital firm, Red Dot Ventures focusses on investments in Singapore-based startups. Their portfolio includes startups in cleantech, medtech, education technology, and advanced industrial materials manufacturing.

Know of more investors interested in Deep Tech startups? Are you one? Let us know in the comments!

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