Image courtesy: FL Mobile

Image courtesy: FL Mobile

If you ever wondered what separates China’s mobile game entries from Japan’s, it’s the evolution of the region’s market. At least, that’s what DeNA China’s CEO Yi Ren theorises on website Gamelook.

He said that Chinese and Japanese game-buying markets are different because of each country’s regional development stage. Japan already has an established mobile phone market since a decade. Meanwhile, China’s mobile coverage only starting to get traction few years ago. Because the quality of games in 2012 were different than the ones made in 2013, Chinese consumers can learn to buy and pick up better titles.

He added that Japanese mobile games are known for their high quality gameplay and long life cycle. As Japanese gamers grew up with console game machines, they have higher expectation for fun factor and graphics. China’s mobile game market growth is dependent with the country’s internet accessibility. As a result, the market is more into mass multiplayer online RPGs, which offer wider interaction and player-killing options. Sounds about right, given the number of MMOs the country churns out on a monthly basis.

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In related news, the console ban in China was lifted early this year, which meant that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo could create consoles in designated free trade zones in Shanghai. Chinese officials stated that the lift would be temporary.