Dr. Passakon Prathombutr, Senior Executive Vice President of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), officially signed a Tri-Party MoU with Unity and Spotwerkz to promote the exchange of technical know-how and technology exchange.

In recent weeks, DEPA has also officially signed MoUs with regional giants Willowmore, UnaBiz, Gobi Partners, and Ascent Solutions in Singapore. These companies are leaders in building global and regional IoT platforms and solutions, as well as venture investing. This effort will enable the utilisation of innovative platforms and strategies, elevating Thailand to global standards as well as its people’s skillsets.

According to Dr. Prathombutr, “The official purpose of this trip to Singapore is to meet and exchange ideas, sign and initiate our partnerships with these companies and simultaneously commence work on our government’s Thailand 4.0 policy.”

He added that these partnerships will be used to spur the economic development of Thailand and stimulate the flow of foreign investment into the country. In addition, these will strengthen and enhance Thailand’s resources and help the nation gain a competitive position in the IoT industry within the ASEAN market.

“Ultimately, these agreements will improve the lives of the Thai people,” Dr. Prathombutr emphasised.

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Here’s a quick look at the six IoT innovation leaders that joined hands with DEPA:

Unity – A leading gaming platform, providing professional 3D automotive design, industrial and architectural services as well as film and animation services. This is essential to support digital transformation efforts for SMEs and manufacturing as well as Thailand’s creative industries in film and animation.

Spotwerkz – A big data analytics company, the licensee of Unity in Thailand

Willowmore Singapore Pte. Ltd. – An industry leader in enterprise-grade smart padlock, smart cabinet locks, and a pioneer in the world’s first-ever portable Sigfox-Bluetooth gateway SigWAV. Willowmore is all about developing brilliant innovations and providing awesome solutions, from state-of-the-art access control, security systems technology, and IoT gateways.

Gobi Partners – Has a long history of working with government agencies. As part of developing a Matching Fund for this initiative, the firm is looking to invest in local startups from sectors such as AI, Data Analytics, and IoT. Simultaneously, the firm will be providing DEPA and the Thai government with expertise on funding startups, which should help to further increase the availability of funding for startups in the Thai entrepreneurial ecosystem.

UnaBiz – Asia’s first IoT dedicated network operator in Singapore and Taiwan, selling solutions in 28 countries. The MoU covers opportunities such as opening a training centre within the Thailand EEC digital park to explore the development turnkey IoT solutions for Thailand’s SMEs and large companies.

Ascent Solutions – A Singapore-based IoT company and provides services in various industries such as warehouses, logistics, freight forwarding, intelligent transportation, and e-passport tools. Through its partnership with DEPA, Ascent Solutions aims to develop innovative technologies and provide solutions to the Digital Park Thailand and IoT Institute.

Dr. Passakon Prathombutr concluded: “The Thailand 4.0 policy will be a kick starter to the future generation of Thai digital business operators.”

To learn more about the initiative, visit DEPA’s website at www.depa.or.th, follow their official Facebook account here, or email them at [email protected].


Image source: 123rf.com / ID 48998222 / Kittikorn Nimitpara