As we wrap up the tail ends of an eventful 2016, we can’t help but marvel at how far the tech events space in Southeast Asia has come — from the birth of Echelon in 2009, to SWITCH, Techsauce Summit and Slush Asia, over the past two years.

As veteran conference attendees, we always ask ourselves: How can we take it to the next level? Let’s go beyond the numbers.

The conventional conference experience has two steps. One: purchase a ticket. Two: attend the conference. You wait anxiously, containing your excitement in the lead-up and struggle to cram all your learnings over the course of two intense days. This cycle runs through all the MICE-industry.

But really — why wait for the actual conference to experience what Echelon has to offer?

Introducing the foundation core pillar of Echelon’s 2017 roadmap: Information

Through premium resources at its finest, reap the benefits of Echelon’s online access even before the conference kicks off:

  • Discover deep insights crafted for each country’s tech ecosystem by gaining exclusive access to content and resources contributed by top industry leaders speaking at each respective Echelon.
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with these high-profile speakers and get answers to those burning questions using the Discussions tool.
  • Connect with fellow Echelon attendees and foster meaningful relationships using Echelon’s new messaging platform.

In short, Echelon starts NOW.  Yes, speakers & attendees, we hear you loud and clear. It’s time for fresh eyes, and a fresh experience on a lifetime of great work.

Echelon Thailand 2017’s Agenda

Aligning with Thailand’s National Digital Economy Plan, Echelon aims to tackle the challenges of digital computing technologies and ICT integration. Aiming to break barriers and forge futures, Thailand — Echelon’s 2nd home — will prove to be a redesign in terms of what an event and conference can and should be, starting with its agenda.

Nominate A Speaker?

Do you have a burning desire to present at Echelon Thailand 2017? Think you know someone that could contribute to Thailand’s booming tech ecosystem? We’d love to hear more. Comment in the discussions below or contact us at contact@e27.co.


Echelon Thailand is taking place this May 2017. Don’t miss out on your chance to Break Barriers and Forge your Future in the tech/startup scene. Early bird tickets will be launching soon. Stay tuned for more Echelon Thailand updates.

Our new Echelon experience has more to offer. What pillar will be unveiled next? Where is Echelon Thailand’s venue? Stay tuned, we’ve got alot in store.