I got this cool new device that I invented all by myself. I can’t really give you the specifics, except that it is a groundbreaking and has a good chance of taking the world by storm.

But I’m no sweet summer child. I have watched every episode of Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank and seen the entrepreneurs who pitched– even those that went on to become successful business people — eviscerated viciously.

I want to succeed desperately but I have little confidence of attracting talent to join me, let alone, stand in front of a panel of seasoned investors who demand all sorts of figures and projections, etcetera.

So how can I, as an inventor with little business or social skills, hope to succeed?

Let me know in the comments below!

We’ll pick our favourite comments and the commenters will win tickets to join us at a closed-door talk with Gareth Williams, CEO and Co-founder of Skyscanner, at The Working Capitol on Robinson Road on August 29 from the 6pm to 8pm.

This competition is only open to Singapore-based e27 users (meaning if you happen to be in Singapore on August 29 you can win the ticket too!).

Image Credit: pressmaster / 123RF Stock Photo