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The report drawn from Google Data reveals that chart topper Korea has lower number of paid apps compared to Japan and Switzerland, at 17.5 and 9.4 paid apps per user respectively. Singapore comes in fourth place at an average of 37.5 apps downloaded per user, higher than Japan and the United States. That being said, 50 percent of the Japanese users’ apps are paid downloaded apps unlike the Singapore smartphone user with an approximate 1 out of 5 apps being paid apps.

Although the data does not state the sample size and demographics of its surveyees, it still provides an interesting insight to the different mobile markets. For example, Japanese users seem to be more used to mobile app purchase. This would mean that monetizing apps in these countries should be different from other places such as Southeast Asia, where people are not as ready for mobile payment. In places like Korea, where there is the lowest average of downloading paid apps, there is a possibility of a tendency to make in-app purchases instead. One such example of this is Kakao Talk from Korean, which has made a profits of US$7 million from just 80 million users, using its app’s gaming platform instead of the app download itself.

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