At first blush, the technology and startup world may seem especially tailored to the young, with an abundance of energy and youthful brashness that contrasts with the measured gravitas of the established business world.

However, the inexperience of the young may lead to mistakes that could have been avoided had an experienced team member been on board. (That’s the reason why the average age of successful start-up founders is around 40). This week, we, at e27, bring to you three senior engineer jobs from our depository of 276 jobs from 143 companies.

Senior Software Engineer at ViSenze

ViSenze is building a visual search and recognition platform; its engineering team’s focus on scalability, latency and performance robustness in a highly distributed, multi-component AWS architecture enables them to serve hundreds of millions of queries each day.

This job is for one with extensive skills in Java and object-oriented programming. The candidate should also have a solid foundation in computer science with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms and software design.

Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer – Embedded Systems at Green Koncepts

Green Koncepts is one of the leading players in the cloud energy management domain. Its ‘Real Time Energy Intelligence & Intelligent Controls’ are simple to use and cost effective to adopt, enabling users to make informed decisions to optimise energy, driving sustainability in the urban environment.

This job requires one to have a diploma or degree in electrical/electronic engineering or computer science. Also, he or she must have experience in programming embedded systems and microcontrollers in Linux. Candidates can look forward to a dynamic and challenging career in a clean tech company with a lucrative stock option plan.

Senior Engineer at Dragon Wealth

Dragon Wealth is a financial technology company focused on solutions that enable financial institutions to deliver wealth management advice to clients. Dragon Wealth leverages the latest technologies to enable relationship managers and their clients to have transparent conversations about clients’ investment needs.

This job’s ideal candidate will be expected to build scalable applications and participate in the implementation of all levels of the software stack — whether web, mobile, or back-end. In addition, he or she will need to work with UX-designers to transform mock-ups into working apps, helping to define the product direction.

Lead and Featured image credit: Shutterstock