What started off as Doctree, an online appointment portal for doctors, slowly evolved into Klinify, a full-fledged document management system for medical professionals to save storage space and replace paper-based records with digital copies.

The solution runs off template-based inputs, which allows better interactions with patients, and gives doctors the ability to label, categorise and store information locally. In the case of internet disconnection, administration staff can still load patients for the next day and not be forced to rely on cloud storage.

The Singapore-based startup today announced that it has secured a US$604,000 funding round led by Jungle Ventures through Singapore’s Technology Incubation Scheme under the National Research Foundation (NRF). The investment round was supported by angel investors from the medical industry in the city-state.

Earlier in 2013, Klinify was also incubated in JFDI.Asia, a Singapore-based seed accelerator. Co-founder and CEO, Klinify, Krishanthan Surendran told e27 how important the programme was for his startup. “It (the pivot) was basically something we heard over and over again even before JFDI; (it was) just that we weren’t trained to think like lean problem solvers.” Furthermore, Klinify was introduced to its new investors at the JFDI programme’s demo day last year.

According to the official statement, Klinify will be utilising the investment to grow the team, expand its functional prototype and extend the support service for clinics. While its operations will commence with Singapore, Surendran said that they do intend to bring Klinify into more Asian countries. He said, “The medical industry across countries in Asia (is) very similar. We do plan to scale up to Asia.”

At the moment, Klinify has a total of five partner clinics whom it is working closely with to develop a fully functional system. He added that there are another 10 doctors waiting for the completed product. For the time being, the company is charging doctors on a per patient per visit model, with the price pegged to the type of clinic (GP/interventional specialists/medical specialists).

A customer, Dr C Sivathasan, a cardiothoracic surgeon in Singapore, commended the usability of the tablet application. He said, “…Klinify is the first to provide a smooth solution in managing patients’ medical records without changing the workflow process.”

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Co-founder and Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures, Amit Anand also shed some light on why the venture capital firm chose to invest in Klinify. He said, “Clinics have held back because doctors don’t want to be turned into data entry clerks: they’re there to care for patients. We are impressed that Klinify has put so much energy into really understanding the problems faced by their customers and the many stakeholders involved in medical records management.”

For doctors who are worried about security breaches, especially with regard to patients’ medical records, Surendran said that the startup is adopting HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance standards and is separating sensitive patient data from other metadata.