10,000 attendees in two days, hundreds of startups to check out, and tight-scheduled panels to soak everything from could be draining. The cure to it should be a good, laidback time with new friends or dare we say: potential future business suitors.

If you are a ticket holder to Echelon Asia Summit happening this coming May 23-24, then you’re in for a treat!

Join our STRIVE x Echelon Official Afterparty at CANVAS, on May 24, at 7 pm. Enjoy free flow of beer until the tap runs dry. Also, note that up to 400 drinks will be given to guests as their welcome drink, so be there as earliest as you can.

To have a pass, simply wear your tags and show it to the door guy to be allowed access.

They say the best kind of networking that actually blossoms into a lucrative partnership involves booze and a good time. I might just make this up, but why the hell not say yes to a winding down time after reaching the summit (pun intended)?

Just realised that you’re excited about this event now that you’re promised free flowing beer but don’t have a ticket yet? Hold your beer, register here.

The STRIVE x Echelon Official Afterparty at CANVAS is brought to you by STRIVE, MOIBA, and Delegate.