duit ha pe

Duithape, an e-payment solution that enables the distribution of efficient, accurate, safe and accountable payments to the unbanked, was named the “Best Startup in Jakarta” at Seedstars Jakarta held on Saturday. As a part of the prize, Duithape will participate at the Seedstars Summit in Switzerland, in April 2020.

The summit is a week-long training programme, with the opportunity to meet the more than 65 winners from other fast-growing economies, as well as investors and mentors from around the world. The final day of the Summit is dedicated to pitching in front of an audience of more than 1,000 attendees, with the possibility of winning up to US$500,000 in equity investment and other prizes.

Ravenry, a platform leveraging a global network of analysts to help you find business insights; and Titik Pintar, which educates, engages, and entertains kids while parents take a break, stood second and third respectively. Smart Cage, Menjadi Manusia, MOSPAZE, Lingkaran, and Horé! were others who presented.

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Seedstars Jakarta was organised with the support local ambassador, Hadi Othman, and Seedstars World’s local partner Kumpul, SYNRGY and media partners. The event attracted interest from over 20 startups, and around 50 attendees and the jury included Isabella Wibowo (Google), Hadi Othman (Kumpul), Yurry “Uyek” (Innovesia), Casper Sermsuksan (Fortis & Kulina) and Sam Lipoff (Vybes).

Seedstars World’s next stop is Ho Chi Minh City where it is looking for Vietnamese smart startups that solve regional issues and/or develop profitable products for the global market. Startups are invited to apply until 15th September.

Image Credit: Seedstars Jakarta