E-scooter service Beam announced that it has set up operations in Malaysia, as reported by Asia One.

Its corporate affairs vice president Christopher Hilton said that the e-scooters will be available at various designated parking areas in Bukit Bintang, Lot 10 mall, and Mont Kiara township because of its high foot traffic, wide walking paths, and convenience to public transport.

With the service made available in mentioned areas, Hilton said that the users won’t need to park the e-scooters anywhere specific. “We believe the most natural way is for people to stop the ride where they choose,” he said.

During the launch, the company expressed that it welcomes businesses and shop owners that wish to have more traffic to offer parking spaces for Beam’s e-scooter.

By downloading the app, customers can use e-scooter connecting to Bluetooth and mobile data, and entering their credit/debit card details.

The rides start at S$0.80 and cost an additional 30 cent for each extra minute with facilities such as general liability and personal insurance while using the service.

The e-scooters can travel a distance of 45km to 50km or about four to five trips before it needs to be recharged. The vehicles are tracked on the app using the rider’s smartphone and an IoT (Internet of Things) device on the e-scooter.

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The e-scooter has a 20kph speed and helmets are not mandatory although encouraged. It’s also looking at providing a helmet with the vehicle and parking responsibly will get the customers a discount on the next ride.

As for maintenance plan, a geofence is in place to make sure riders don’t park the e-shooter beyond the designated area with a fine at RM5 as a few “pick up” fee. The company claims that the vehicles are checked regularly by marshals for safety and will be brought in for maintenance after every 300 rides.

So far, Hilton claimed that the service has clocked over 15,000 rides, and the app has been downloaded 10,000 times.