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A startup founder’s day is always full. But if you’ve ever wished that you had more time to do all the things you need to do, then maybe it’s time to rethink your approach to having a productive day. Bjorn Lee, Founder of MindFi.co, will help you manage your energy to optimise your productivity.

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Bjorn brings mindfulness off the cushion into the busy world. Blending his technology career and seven-year meditation practice, he has taught and shared at startups, corporates, and non-profits. Bjorn is currently a third-time founder with wellness startup MindFi.co to bring balance to our technology compulsions.

As an ex-product manager at Zendesk, his exposure to the high-pressure customer support industry made him realise mindfulness is not just a personal, but social problem. His goal is to help more people find more calm, energy, and purpose in work and life.

At e27 Academy, Bjorn will be holding Productivity is About Energy (Not Time) Management, a productivity masterclass that will explore how energy affects productivity. In the class, Bjorn will teach you a step by step guide on effectively delegating your energy to be more productive when building and running a startup.

Learn how to manage your energy. Catch Bjorn at e27 Academy.

e27 Academy is happening on 28th-30th November, at the Turi Beach Resort in Batam, Indonesia. It’s a three-day learning programme for early-stage startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs to get access to the content they need to build the right foundation for their startup, engage with a community of their peers, and get coached by most successful founders and greatest minds in Southeast Asia. Get your tickets here.

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