Many companies and entrepreneurs are attracted to set up shop in Singapore because of its business-friendly environment, which is why you see many companies’ APAC headquarters located here (such as Google and Facebook).

But the steps to getting your company up and running in Singapore is not always straightforward. Like in any country, entrepreneurs have to navigate laws and regulations before they can operate. There are many factors to take into account such as; sorting out accounts, filing of paperwork, ensuring you have enough capital, and securing the right talent before you get started.

For those with a keen eye on the Merlion city, Jacqueline Low, Chief Operating Officer of Hawksford in Asia, is here to help answer your burning business questions.

Hawksford provides expert guidance and services for entrepreneurs and corporates who are looking to start, manage, and grow their business in Singapore.

Jacqueline has acted as Company Secretary for several hundred Singapore-based firms over the past 20 years, and managed several corporate secretarial departments for businesses. Having been involved in businesses across Asia, particularly Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei, and Vietnam, she has developed a unique understanding of how these different jurisdictions work and operate.

Jacqueline will be online on March 21, Wednesday, at 2PM SGT to answer all your questions. Check back here at that time or leave your questions in the comments section below.

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