There is a famous saying that goes,

“If everyone is thinking alike, then nobody is thinking.”

This week, Singapore’s Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan stepped in the proverbial dog doo doo when, during a press briefing, he said SMRT maintenance team “failed us” after a major flood seriously disrupted service.

It was one of SMRTs worst-ever disruptions, but also comes in the context of fairly regular train delays over the past year or so.

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The Minister has been widely condemned across Singapore and there are serious questions about SMRT morale moving forward.

But is this fair? Maybe we are all thinking alike, so thus, nobody is thinking?

In sports, coaches routinely criticise their players in public. It is a tactic. The thinking goes, maybe if my entire team is mad at me, they will play hard as a bit of an ‘eff you’ to my comments.

In Singapore, the SMRT is going through one its toughest periods in terms of delays and line disruptions. So, isn’t it beyond time to criticise the people working for this organisation?

Sure, Khaw threw some regular blue-collar workers under the bus, but maybe it was the correct move from a macro-strategic perspective.

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Am I wrong? Tell me why in the discussions below.

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