Come September 26, 2018, all eyes will be set on the iconic supertall skyscraper, Taipei 101, when the Taiwan Elevator Pitch 2018 (TEP2018) – Taiwan’s maiden startup elevator pitching competition — kicks into high gear.

There are three stages in this competition: a preliminary, semifinal, and a final.

The first two stages involve startups pitching to two investors in Taipei 101’s elevator while they ride from the ground floor to the 90th floor. Investors will then assign scores to the startups.

12 startups will be selected for the finals, during which they will go through the same elevator-ride-and-pitch process with investors, but will then proceed to a hall thereafter, where they will pitch to a 100 people.

5 winners will be sponsored by Hong Kong Science Park to attend the EPiC 2018 international competition held in October at the ICC Building; there will also be separate awards for startups in the following categories: AI & Robotics, Fintech, Healthy Ageing, Smart City, Next Generation Technology. The winning startup will secure US$120,000 in seed funding.

At e27, our core mission is to empower entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia countries, and one way to do that is to engage with startup communities in various markets.

Therefore, we are proud to partner with Taiwan Accelerator (TA), organizers of TEP2018, to help spread the word of their new initiative. We believe this strategic alignment will help build and bridge Taiwan’s and Southeast Asia’s ecosystem — and help these startups reach global markets.

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“Partnering with e27 allows us to propagate our vision and scale our programme within Asia through e27’s regional media platform and community. With TEP2018, we hope to continue facilitating the growth of Taiwanese startups by connecting them with global ecosystems and international capital,” said Kevin Yu, Founder, Taiwan Accelerator.

Beyond the elevator

While the novelty of this event will certainly help fuel local interest and generate international awareness towards the startups and innovations in Taiwan, TEP2018 aims to provide immediate value to catalyse the growth of the local startup ecosystem.

With English being second nature to most born and raised in Taiwan, complimentary courses and mentorship will be provided by TutorABC to hone the founders’ presentation skills.

The organization of TEP2018 also gives participating startups access to a slew of community partners and supporting organizations — such as the National Development Council, Sky Mirror Technology, and TutorABC — to facilitate exposure and connections to local influencers and regional stakeholders alike.