As a self-taught programmer and the only female data engineer in her team, Ann Luo, Founder at CodingGirls, identifies the pains and challenges of her peers who face a similar plight.

As she continues to rally the female gender to break through existing stereotypes while inspiring them to feel confident and guided in their personal tech journey, CodingGirls Day is back for its second year running to address the underrepresentation of females in STEM.

This year, CodingGirls Day 2018 will be held on 17 November in Singapore, as a one-day event that aims to convene over 500 attendees to participate in one or more of the following:

  • Inspiration: Hear from female influencers and active stakeholders on their perspectives on current trends and personal journeys in tech, featuring speakers from Facebook, Grab, DBS and Quest Ventures
  • Hands-on: Workshops to be equipped with on-demand programming skills and the latest concepts on technology, featuring instructors from Oracle, Google, Thoughtworks and  General Assembly
  • Engagement: Connect with recruiters, founders and like-minded peers to learn more about job openings and career advancement opportunities in tech

“We hope that more women will be inspired to take up a career in tech from listening to the trailblazers, leaders, and intelligent female speakers we have on our agenda in the morning – all of whom are role models in their own right. If CodingGirls Day can show that it’s possible for women to thrive in the tech industry, then we’ve succeeded in our important first step: changing mindsets.’.

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Diversity and inclusivity at CodingGirls Day 2018

CodingGirls Day 2018 is not just for the incumbent stakeholder and community. It is also open to both males and females alike who are either exploring a career (switch) in STEM and/or others who want to support the community’s movement and vision. To that end, e27 is a proud media partner at CodingGirls Day 2018, as we continue to support and participate in ecosystem building initiatives that help us stay true and relevant to our mission — to empower entrepreneurs with tools to build & grow their businesses.

Ann echoes, “We’re excited that e27 is partnering with us to highlight and nurture diversity in tech. Together with one of the largest tech media platforms in Southeast Asia, we can reach out to more people to be aware of the fact that tech industry are still male dominated and to invite them to join our movement and grow our community. Meanwhile, through CodingGirls’ network, we will be able to help startup founders in e27 Community who don’t have technical background to connect with tech talents and provide access for them of coding education. Together we can build a more inclusive and diversified tech community.”

On her motivation to initiate the CodingGirls community and CodingGirls day event, Ann reflected on an unintentional pivot that she stumbled upon in her own personal journey. She used to work in marketing and operations for a shipping logistics firm, and attempted to automate some of the tedious routines and mundane tasks required for the day-to-day. This was when she realised her love for understanding how algorithms are designed, as well as the testing of models with existing datasets. It was only later in her career that she found a job in a startup as a data engineer.

“Everyday is a different challenge, and I’m still learning a lot. Learning by yourself is not easy, and the online world can be an alienating place especially when you’re figuring out how to get into STEM. That’s why I want to build a community of girls who can help each other. Every small step we take to create a diverse, closer knit community, makes the STEM industry more welcoming and homely for everyone.”

About CodingGirls

CodingGirls is a Singapore registered non-profit organization to empower more girls to code and achieve their ambitions in the technology world.


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash