Image credit: Panda Graphics

A piece of contract work by Panda Graphics. Image credit: Panda Graphics

Not every big game publisher and in-house developer has enough manpower to come up with fancy 3D advertisements and intro sequences. Sometimes they have to rely on small-time graphics crowdsourcing via guests contributors — something Panda Graphics specialises in.

According to a article, the art crowdsourcing startup has received 140 million yen (US$1.4M) from East Ventures. The funds will be used to expand Panda Graphics’ reach outside of Japan and possibly have a North American base of operations. And of course, to improve the current 2D/3D drawing and CGI-making business it has with customers and affiliated artists.

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East Ventures’ focus is on web and mobile startups in Indonesia and Singapore. The company has been putting capital in e-commerce website maker Sirclo, beauty products curation platform BuzzCommerce and online art gallery

Panda Graphics was founded in February 2013 by Yuya Kuratomi. Specialising in 2D and 3D illustrations and CGI work, the company is renowned for doing art works and cutscenes for game developers such as CyberConnect2 (Naruto games, Asura’s Wrath) and publishers like Square Enix (Final Fantasy games). From the testimonials of both companies’ art directors, Panda Graphics come highly recommended.

e27 has reached out to Panda Graphics for more on this.