Proliferation of eBooks has opened many opportunities in the book publishing industry. Contrary to conditions in many developed countries, where eBooks have gained considerable popularity, the growth of eBooks in Indonesia has been stagnant. Buqu, a digital book publishing platform, is working towards alleviating this challenge.

Buqu has its own proprietary eBook format called BQ. The publishing platform and digital bookstore develops its own technology in order to provide flexibility and innovative features.

According to the company, it has successfully developed 14 bookstores and established partnerships with university bookstores under the ‘White Label’ concept, in which its partners can operate the bookstores with their own brand name such as BukuOn from IM2, ITB, UI, IPB, and other universities.

Buqu attracts many partnerships due to its simple and easy partnering process. It gives freedom of choosing the books they wants to sell from Buqu’s inventory ecosystem. With this policy, Buqu’s partners do not need to arrange face-to-face meetings with publishers, helping them penetrate the market with more efficiency and effectiveness.

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Additionally, the digital bookstore guarantees that its protocol system is out of reach of internet pirates. It has unique selling formats such as pay-per-page. Users can pause and download a book any time they want.

Its other selling points are accessibility and friendly user interface. It builds an integrated digital publishing ecosystem which involves publishers, bookstores and readers.

The establishment of Buqu in Indonesia will play catalyst in switching readers from conventional to digital format with ease.

Translated from DailySocial