Web Enhancement Platform is a software product that will make it straightforward and easy to create content that communicates clearly with the target audience. The software will offer a range of wizards, workflows and automated content analysis with suggestions for improvement, all presented in an intuitive, modern and responsive Web 2.0 interface that is always accessible while editing web site content.
This solves the major pain point of web editors globally; writing outstanding content is a major challenge.
Our software will be easy to adopt and can in less than 5 minutes be installed and put on top of the server-based Content Management Software (CMS) tool that many companies already use to update and maintain their Web site. We are supporting the most popular CMSes on the market.


Maxus Media believes that text published on the Internet should be written to communicate your ideas well with your target audience. That’s why they are now releasing Maxus Contentian, a feature-rich add-on for the open source Drupal Web Content Management System (CMS). They want to make it easy for everyone to publish good web content.

Contentian introduces a copywriting workflow and collaborative writing tools to help individuals contribute effectively to the content creation process. A good workflow streamlines the writing process, reducing the time and effort spent on creating online content. Collaborative writing allows clients to tap on the collective knowledge of all their web site content creators.

IMG_20100601_170641This solves the major pain point of web editors globally; writing outstanding content is a major challenge.

Contentian bridges the gap between web content copywriting and CMS, making it easy for people to construct and maintain their web sites without the need for any specialized knowledge. This intuitive tool provides features such as content focus assistance, target audience analysis, brainstorming and peer-reviewing can easily be used by people with basic computer knowledge.

Maxus Contentian is targeted at SMEs and companies that do not have a professional in-house copywriting team. Contentian is easily accessible using a web browser and launches automatically when users start up Drupal. The free version, which can be downloaded from the Contentian web site, can be used for corporate and personal web sites. Maxus also provides enhanced versions of Contentian with comprehensive support for a fee.