foound is a real-time web and mobile application which helps users connect with their friends and meet new people in a simple, intuitive, and fun way.
Using the social web created by foound, hyper-local vendors and merchants can tab on an extensive “real-time cellular social salesforce” to increase their revenues by leveraging on the “tribes” of people within their “neighbourhood”.

IMG_20100601_153440foound is an iPhone application which lets people organize hangouts with friends by:

Updating their location and inviting friends to join them in real-time

Conveying information like address, people and time in a single message

Sending and receiving updates to and from multiple users

foound makes organizing hangouts simple and easy! We bring the world

closer, one hangout at a time!

Why foound?

foound was founded by Danny and Aen Tan in 2009 on the belief that organizing hangouts with friends should be fun, simple and easy!

We created foound to solve the frustrating problem of having to send multiple text messages whenever we want to meet our friends. Not only do we find it a pain to decide where to go and convey information such as location, directions, people invited and time in a single message, it is also difficult to update everyone whenever changes occur! After talking to our friends, we realized they felt the same way, and so began our journey to find a better solution!

foound makes organizing hangouts with friends simple and easy by pre-populating locations with information such as address and maps. Using this as the starting point, users can then send hangout invitations to friends, or simply share their hangout over foound, Facebook and Twitter. Lastly, a simple messaging feature allows users to update everyone with changes or comments.

Who founded foound?

Danny loves people and travelling. He created foound because his constant travelling makes it difficult for him to keep up with his friends whenever he’s home. Prior to foound, Danny worked on the launch of, a professional Web 2.0 social network, in Stockholm, Sweden. Before that, he spent a year working in the US venture capital industry focusing on early-stage technology start-ups. Danny is an alumnus of the Engineering Entrepreneurship program at the University of Pennsylvania, a graduate of the School of Design & Environment at the National University of Singapore, and a winner of the Intel+UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge in 2008. In his free time, Danny can be foound hanging out with friends at the cinema or at the beach.

Aen shares everything with his cats. He created foound because he could not find any application which allows him to easily organize hangouts with friends. As the visionary of COMA, an international design and communications consultancy, Aen was responsible for Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s highly successful social media campaign in India (featured in the New York Times on Jan 6, 2010). Aen has seven years of deep experience in interactive design, which includes developing interactive product demos for Yahoo! and Sony. He also has had leading roles in design consulting, particularly in interactive and user interface design for Web 2.0 startups, advertising and media agencies, film production companies and non- profit organizations. Aen is a member of AIGA, the professional association for design based in New York City.