Last week, Thai telecom conglomerate AIS  announced the conclusion of its AIS The Startup 2014 incubator programme, as part of its effort to steer the Thai startup ecosystem towards sustainable growth. Now, AIS is redoubling its efforts in this direction, and is sponsoring the entries of seven Thai startups to our very own Echelon 2014 conference.

True to AIS’s vision of empowering creative Thai developers and entrepreneurs, the startups chosen are all very diverse, ranging from a hospitality platform to a golf course booking service. Without further ado, let’s introduce the seven startups here.

Have you ever been worried when your children took the school bus and were late to school? If so, Nugrean could solve your problem! Winner of AIS The Startup 2014 in the corporate solutions category, Nugrean is  a school bus tracking system that lets teachers and parents visualise where bus-riding children are along the route.

Ever had a staff who got your request wrong in a crowded, busy hotel? With it’s new tablet-based hospitality solution, Fourleaf promises to offer guests a better experience, as well as to increase revenues for hotels. Part of the top 25 finalists from the last year’s AIS The Startup, Fourleaf has recently launched its iButler app, an AIS corporate solution service.

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Want to play a game of golf, but all the courses seem to be taken? Winner of AIS The StartUp 2014’s Online and Digital Category GolfDigg aims to alleviate your frustration by offering last minute golf course booking. Founded by former employees who quit their jobs to pursue their dreams, GolfDigg is looking for seed funding as well as potential partners.

An Echelon 2013 alumnus, NoonSwoon is a dating app that offers a match per day during noon, promoting greater date selectivity and reducing dating fatigue. After securing seed funding with a valuation of US$3 million last September, NoonSwoon is now looking for Series A investment, with the hopes of expansion and bringing more singles a chance to find their perfect partner.

Page 365
Readers who’ve been following our Echelon 2014 coverage will no doubt notice that Page 365  has won an exhibition space in the Startup Marketplace. Made by development company Softbaked, Page 365 is a Thailand-based e-commerce startup that offers hand-crafted solutions for Facebook stores.

For many people, stock investment is a dark art, with many myriad factors to take note of, including such arcane terms as P/E ratios and MACD histograms. Now, Thai investors can make more informed choices with StockRadars, which helps them monitor stock prices and indicators, reducing the tedious work of stock analysis.

The developer behind, SenzE, an eye-communication aid designed for paralysis patients, Meditech is a member of AIS The Startup. Meditech’s SenzE incorporates technologies such as Open CV and image processing software, enabling patients to communicate in a manner not unlike choosing a menu in a restaurant.

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