Ever wanted to find out if your conglomerate clothing, apparel, or smart device products is doing alright without resorting to too much number-crunching analytics? Brand Pit forgoes all that and creates an app that delivers the information you need for your bigwig production house through the fancy powers of image recognition technology.

You turn on the app, then you have pictures of people wearing and using your brand. The Brand Pit app will sort that out and give you your data for easier decision-making. The Japan-based company is partners with Softlayer and CloudCore: two companies known for their cloud services.

Brand Pit happens to be one of the first among the 25 startups who will showcase its ideals in Echelon 2014, one of the most renowned startup gatherings in all of Asia. We had a small chat with founder TT Chu about his modus operandi and the future of data-tracking via picture-analyzing.

Tell us about Brand Pit’s history and journey to Echelon 2014.
Brand Pit offers brand managers analytics using image recognition technologies.  We aim to help brand managers to understand who their real customers are, how are their customers using the products in real life situations and how is the brand being represented visually online.

What made the company focus on this image recognition endeavor?
Our founder has previously invested in a designer fashion label and found it very difficult to track the reach of the label through traditional Twitter hashtags-based analytics, because hashtags are extremely unreliable.  This is a pain shared by a lot of brand managers; unfortunately there were no effective solutions.
Around mid-2013, our founder realized that the signal-processing theories he learnt some 15 years ago can be applied to recognizing objects in photos.  He then started the idea of creating a brand analytics platform using image recognition technologies. A team was gathered, and Brand Pit was born.


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What are your current achievements as a startup?
The company won the Startup Sauna Japan and represented our country to join Slush in Finland.  We were also one of the top 5 most voted company in Seedstars World Geneva.

What’s the status on Brand Pit? 
The product is now at its second version; we recently launched an invitation-only beta.  We are seeing interest from US, UK, China and Japan.

What are your goals heading into Echelon 2014?
To cope with the increasing customer interest, we are raising funding now. We hope to be able to meet potential customers and investors in Echelon.

Echelon 2014 is a two-day Startup, Technology and Business event where Asia’s most innovative startups, early-stage investors and tech industry leaders as well as tech media, gather to celebrate and build Asia’s growing tech industry, as well as make valuable relationships.

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