Do you remember being told to visit a dentist twice a year when you were a kid, and had to have sweet-rotten milk teeth pulled out? Back then, if you could still remain observant amid the pain and anesthetic, you may have noticed your records in a paper folder being handled by the nurse as she read out what was in there to the unflappable dentist.

Time has changed, so have things at the dentist. Your modern dentist is likely to have entered your personal details and dental history, such as whether you floss your teeth regularly, into a computer database. Even so, he or she will still have to manually update the database and most likely record the appointments on a separate calendar.

Enter Medix. First launched in March 2013 under the name My Dentist Pal in the Philippines, it offers a platform for dentists to manage their clinics. Subsequently, after receiving funding from Kickstart Ventures through its LaunchGarage programme, the team behind My Dentist Pal relaunched the product, renaming it as Medix.

“Medix is inspired by a vision to take the dental industry a notch higher,” said CEO and Founder Marc Medina. According to him, Medix was founded to modernise patient record management and make it more convenient. “While the dental industry uses emerging technology, extensively in terms of dental equipment, medicine or procedures, one thing that has been continuously stagnant in terms of technology is the patient record management,” he noted.

The working mechanism of Medix is simple. Dentists sign up under one of the three plans, ranging from the no-cost Freemium plan to the Pro plan, which costs PHP1,999 (US$45.20) a month. Features that are exclusive to the paid plans include an automatic SMS appointment reminder for patients, as well as the provision for multiple accounts, a boon for large dental clinics with many in-house dentists.

After signing up, users will gain access to a multi-platform web-based dashboard, allowing them to view and edit patient records as well as schedule appointments through their PCs, tablets, and smartphones. In addition, dentists and nurses will be able to upload photos and radiographs to the cloud, making patient referrals that much easier.

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Ever since its funding, Medix has been growing at a steady clip. Currently, it has over 600 accounts, with almost 10,000 patient records in its database. According to Medina, it is looking for partners and funding for expansion, and find Echelon 2014 particularly suited to that.

“The team is very grateful to be a part of the largest tech conference in Asia, Echelon 2014,” he said, “We are very excited to share and introduce our craft to this tech community not only to help the dental industry, but also to be an inspiration to future startups to continue pursuing their passion in helping to improve their chosen industry.”

Echelon 2014 is a two-day Startup, Technology and Business event where Asia’s most innovative startups, early-stage investors and tech industry leaders as well as tech media, gather to celebrate and build Asia’s growing tech industry, as well as make valuable relationships. 

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