13_Adlin Yusman

Adlin Yusman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Be Malas, Asia Pacific’s leading SMS based concierge service.

Having launched the business in Malaysia at the end of April, Be Malas is now in four countries with more than 100,000 registered users and continues to grow at an aggressive pace. Prior to founding Be Malas, Yusman served in leadership positions at Groupon, Lazada and Expedia.

We now put Yusman in the hotseat.

1. What are the trends you see developing in the technology and startup scenes in Malaysia and Southeast Asia?

Within the next three-five years, I believe Asian startups will no longer be dependent on the West for inspiration. Innovation is alive and well in SEA.

2. In what ways has the Malaysian tech startup ecosystem developed in the last two years?

The Malaysian government and by extension, its agencies has certainly put in a lot of effort to put the country on the startup map.

We’ve also seen a lot more regional investor interest in the country that I suppose, is bolstered by a strong cadre of entrepreneurs with relevant startup experiences.

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3. What are some challenges unique to the Malaysian tech startup community and how do you think startups can overcome or circumvent them?

As more startups in Malaysia and SEA at large gain traction, good local talent becomes a key concern, unfortunately, the pool isn’t growing as fast as we would want it to.

4. Where do you see the Malaysian tech ecosystem in two years?

Definitely more regional companies being founded in Malaysia. Cost arbitration will allow Malaysia to function as a hub whilst the spokes – which could remain asset light – can continue to scale across the region.

5. What kind of people are you excited to meet at Echelon Malaysia?

I’m definitely looking forward to meet on-demand and marketplace founders from across the region.

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