New for 2014, Echelon Thailand is bringing the Echelon magic to the land of smiles. Seeing Thailand-based Taamkru winning the recently concluded Echelon 2014 in Singapore, we, at e27, feel that the time is ripe, to upgrade our Echelon Ignite conference in Thailand to a fully-fledged Echelon Thailand for the current year.

Like Echelon 2014, Echelon Thailand features a Startup Marketplace, where we select startups from our four Satellite events via a rigorous selection process by our panel of judges, which include Thai startup veterans and investors. Whether they pitched at Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Khon Kaen, these startups will be exhibiting at the main conference to be held at Sasin Hall, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the startups that will be showcasing their ingenious ideas at Echelon Thailand. Do look out for more interviews with startups, speakers and sponsors as we begin the countdown to the conference!

Echelon Thailand Startup Marketplace exhibitors

Ever had problems finding out what’s in vogue? Social e-commerce marketplace 500Trends may be able to help you! Through its app, 500Trends lets users vote on items through swiping right (like) or left (dismiss). Once enough people show interest in an item, the premium discount is unlocked, giving users an incentive to share what they like with their friends.

Currently, 500Trends boasts over 25,000 active users from more than 20 countries. Around 35-40 per cent of its revenue comes from mobile users, with over 10,000 app downloads in the past two months. Right now, the team is looking to raise funds for further expansion.

For many students, trashing their notes after exams is a familiar thing. What use is there for study materials when you’re not going to touch them afterward? Japan-based Clear aims to change that preconception by offering a cloud notebook sharing app. By letting students publicly share notebooks online with a smartphone app, Clear aims to create a crowdsourced database of reference material for students.

Launched in Japan in December 2013,  Clear’s users currently number over 150,000 students. With an aim to expand to Southeast Asia and Hong Kong this September, the team projects its user base to exceed  one million by the end of 2014.

Branding itself as the world’s first online yield management platform for the F&B industry, eatigo connects diners with restaurants. Its basic premise is to help restaurants gain revenue during off-peak hours, by offering time-based discounts to consumers.

Launched in June 2014, eatigo has gotten over 20,000 Facebook likes and boasts a download count of over 25,000. The app has rocketed up the Thai iOS App Store, beating foodpanda to the second place in the F&B category.

The Foodstory family of iOS apps was created with foodies and restaurateurs in mind. The first app Foodstory Owner is targeted at F&B owners, and lets them manage their businesses with an iPad point-of-sales (POS) system. The second, Foodstory Customer, is a discovery app to help food lovers find new or nearby restaurants, promotions, and reviews, with information served directly from the Foodstory Owner app.

Just launched in August this year, the Foodstory team is focussing on Southeast Asia and Oceania as their first markets, with an eye on expanding to Europe and the US. Its major clients include new cafes and restaurants that need a POS system, as well as current F&B establishments looking to upgrade their POS infrastructure.

Keyword Tool
A big part of search engine optimisation (SEO) is the use of relevant keywords to ensure one’s site stays at the top of Google’s results. Keyword Tool takes this a step further by analysing keywords and offering relevant suggestions for SEO practitioners, content creators and online advertisers.

In less than two months after its launch, Keyword Tool has been featured by SEO publications like Moz and has attracted users from over 159 countries with its support for nearly 83 languages. Its site has also climbed up to 36,663 in Alexa ranking, and boasts over 100,000 page views a month.

Imagine a world where every screen is “smart”, all connected to the cloud and controlled remotely. This is what ScreenCloud is aiming for with its software solution that enables the creation of a network of screens within a company or retail space.

ScreenCloud works across a wide range of common devices including existing digital signage hardware, Smart TVs, Google ChromeCast, Amazon Fire TV, as well as good old Windows and Mac platforms.

In large Asian cities like Bangkok, scooter messenger services play a vital role in delivering important documents and small parcels for SMEs. In many cases, these messengers ply similar routes repeatedly, wasting a lot of their time. Skootar aims to make delivery processes more efficient by calculating and combining similar routes to optimise the time and cost, resulting in cheaper service for SMEs and more income for the messengers.

In addition to its web and Android app, Skootar features tracking and rating systems for messengers to give clients peace of mind. The team has won Angelhack Bangkok 2014, and was one of the startups that pitched at Seedstars Bangkok.

Styling itself as Asia’s answer to Instagram, Snapeee was created by Japan-based developer Mind Palette. With Snapeee, users can decorate their photos with stamps and filters, which tend towards the “Kawaii” or cutesy side.

Started in 2011, Snapeee has grown to more than eight million users all over the world, with Japan, Taiwan, China and Thailand having over one million users each. Nearly 75 per cent of users are female, and fashion models and brands like ViVi regularly use Snapeee’s platform to reach out to potential customers.

Blogshops are an important part of e-commerce in Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. Discovering them though can be a chore, as there are literally thousands of blogshops in Thailand alone. With STYLHUNT, shoppers can easily search for the blogshops they are interested in easily, filtered based on style and trust.

Launched in May 2014, STYLHUNT has over 500 blogshops listed on its platform, and boasts over 27,000 unique visitors every week. Founder Surawat “Sam” Promyotin hopes that STYLHUNT can replace Google as the first search destination for online shoppers in Southeast Asia.

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Temploy is a jobs-matching site that aims to disrupt the traditional office-hour model of work, letting jobseekers have more say in their work environments and timings. For employers, Temploy allows them to maximise workers’ productivity by screening out only the candidates who are okay with their work arrangements.

With its product, Temploy hopes to target the 14.8 million-large unemployed workforce in Southeast Asia. Singapore will be its core market in the beginning, and it’ll be expanding to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines shortly after.

 is a wearable device that helps seniors and the disabled improve their quality of life. The vCare gadget comes in the form of a belt, which sports the following features: a fall detector that alerts caregivers in the case of falling; memory space to store personal medical records such as drug allergies; lastly, an interface with public facilities such as traffic lights and transit gates.

ACI Software plans to monetise vCare in two ways. Firstly, the belt can be sold as a standalone gadget targeted at families with elderly or disabled members. vCare can also be bundled with insurance plans or hospital treatments, as part of a VIP care programme.

The above is not an exhaustive list of all the startups that are exhibiting at Echelon Thailand. Stay tuned for more updates on startups as well as speakers for the conference!

Get ready for a deep dive into Thailand’s startup ecosystem with Echelon Thailand. Early bird rates have been extended till September 11, prepare your pressure suits now!