Wicharn Manawanitjarern, Founder of Echelon 2014 winner Taamkru, pitching onstage

Echelon Thailand is just two weeks away! Are you excited to meet the most promising startups of Thailand?

After pitching at Satellite events all around Thailand’s cities, we, at e27, are pleased to announce that the four satellite event winners will be pitching at Launchpad during Echelon Thailand.

To be held on September 18, 2014 at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Echelon Thailand, in addition to the Launchpad pitching competition, will feature speakers from all around the country and beyond.

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Without further ado, let’s introduce the four Launchpadders

Running a school is a complicated matter, involving many interconnected processes. Apart from day-to-day tasks like taking student attendance, school administration also involves event-oriented duties like transcript management for examinations. All these admin processes generate a lot of data, which needs a framework for storage and access that is convenient for teachers and school management.

Here is where SchoolOS comes in. Founded by Sharif Densumite, SchoolOS is a cloud-based platform for developers of school management apps. With SchoolOS, educational institutions can pick and choose the apps they need, taking advantage of the cloud to make data sharing more convenient among the staff.

Currently, SchoolOS counts seven Thai schools among its customers that are charged on a per student basis (US$6 per student per year). App developers get a 30 per cent cut of the revenue. The team plans to extend the service to integrate with existing cloud platforms like Google Apps.

Ah, Golf. The favourite pastime of hobnobbing honchos. The place where deals are cut, partnerships are forged and new ventures are created. Organising golf sessions can be taxing, at least for corporate secretaries. Frequently, top executives fly around on short notice and they need courses available for them mere hours after they land. For golf course operators, it can be difficult for them to get bookings during off seasons, resulting in lost revenue.

Here, GolfDigg aims to bring together executives and golf courses through its app. With GolfDigg, secretaries can search, book and pay for a vacant course one day in advance through a phone, minimising inconvenience and giving course operators an additional source of revenue.

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Launched in March 2014, GolfDigg currently offers deals from six golf courses and boasts over 3000 downloads. The winner of AIS The StartUp 2014 award, GolfDigg is planning a full launch in September with AIS as its partner.

Managing credit cards can be a hassle for many people, with due dates, credit limits, and reward points to keep track of. The problem is worse if people sign up for many cards with the intention to make the most use of the different promotions given by the various banks.

Enter Piggipo. Started four months ago, Piggipo is an app for credit card users to keep track of their spending, with features such as bill consolidation, graphs, and warning alerts to make financial and credit planning a simple and enjoyable process.

Right now, Piggipo has made its way to the top three finance apps in the Thai Apple App Store, and boasts over 45,000 downloads. According to Founder and CEO Supichaya Surapunthu, Piggipo is looking to expand, find partners and seek funding.

Ice-cold beers are a source of comfort and relaxation for many people. However, not everyone wants to endure the crowd and bustle of pubs just for a glass of lager, and supermarket canned beers suffer from a lack of variety and often quality.

Founded in February 2013 by Jerome Le Louer, Wishbeer is an e-commerce firm that delivers bottles of ale right to the doorsteps of beer enthusiasts. Currently, they boast a selection of close to 500 imported beers, and manage nearly 300 orders every month, of which 80 per cent are local Thais and 20 per cent are foreigners.

Right now, the Wishbeer team is busy developing a mobile app for beer aficionados, and they plan to expand regionally to two markets, Vietnam and the Philippines, over the next two years.

Builk. PlayMoolah. Waygo. Taamkru. Their journey started on the Satellite stage. Join us at Echelon Thailand on September 18 and 19 as we continue on our quest to find Asia’s Most Promising Startup!