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Scooter messenger services play a vital role in delivering important documents and small parcels in large Asian cities such as Bangkok. However, they are expensive for SMEs, and it’s also difficult to trust someone with your official things.

Skootar, a web- and android-based application that helps connects SMEs with available scooter messengers in the area, aims to make delivery processes more efficient by calculating and combining similar routes to optimise the time and cost, resulting in cheaper service for SMEs and increased income for the messengers. Skootar also features tracking and rating systems for messengers.

Skootar is among the startups that participated in Echelon Thailand’s Bangkok Satellite and will now pitch at the Launchpad event during the main conference. The team has won Angelhack Bangkok 2014, and was one of the startups that pitched at Seedstars Bangkok.

Ko Jumbala, Co-founder, Skootar shared that one of the founders, Suwatt Pathompakawan, is an SME owner. His company relied on scooter messenger services to run its daily logistic tasks such as delivering important documents, invoices, small packages, and also collecting cheques. At times when he collected cheques himself, he would see scooter messengers waiting endlessly and wasting time. That made him think of a way to optimise the process.

“This led to the birth of Skootar. And, we needed an idea the next day to compete at Angelhack Bangkok 2014 in June 2014. The whole journey only started less than three months ago,” he added.

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The startup is bootstrapped, but is looking for funding. “We hope to build a solid product and be able to attract investors that can help us not only in terms of resources, but also advice and connections,” he added.

The founders believe in constant innovation. The startup plans to improve the service with some additional features in the coming months. It wants to capture the market in Bangkok first before expanding to other cities familiar with motorcycle delivery such as Jakarta, Manila, Ho Chi Minh, etc. “We are also tapping into ‘on-demand’ market segment to serve customers such as ‘solo’ online merchants to facilitate their logistics requirements,” Jumbala explained.

Echelon Thailand will take place on September 18 and 19, at Sasin Hall, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

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Image Credits: Aron Brand/Shutterstock