Phuket has a burgeoning entrepreneurial scene. e27 brings you five startups that will be pitching at Echelon Thailand Phuket Satellite


Ah, Phuket, that delightful Thai island of beaches and bars. While many tourists may see it as simply a place to relax and indulge in various pleasures, those in the know will find a fledgling startup scene, as evidenced by the founding of its first co-working space in June.

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This is the reason why Phuket is one of the cities selected for e27‘s inaugural Echelon Thailand Satellite. On this Saturday, August 16, five startups will compete for a chance to enter the main Echelon event, to be held in Bangkok on September 18 and 19, 2014.

Which are these startups and what do they do?

Do you run a small inn or guest house, and need a lightweight system to manage your operations? CloudHotelBooking may just be the ticket for you. Despite its name, CloudHotelBooking does more than just taking care of bookings; it also lets you set up promotions and boasts an analytics platform that tracks conversions.

No company is an island, and collaborating with clients and partners on projects is unavoidable. To ease this process, Phuket-based faceBiz has created a business network that helps companies find partners, manage projects, as well as find sales opportunities. With faceBiz, profitable business is just a click away.

Started in Singapore, Nearcircles is a hyperlocal social networking and deals platform for residents of neighbourhoods, estates, and even individual condos to connect with each other. Through it, users can participate in general discussions in their area, form groups and create events with their fellow neighbours.

The workings of the stock market can seem daunting to even seasoned investors. How do you choose stocks that will grow and outperform the market? SETScope aims to take some of this mystery out by providing an easy comparison of stocks using different metrics; its paid service provides portfolio analysis and adds regular price alerts.

Managing schools is a mammoth task, with student particulars and teaching curricula among the many types of data that administrators need to manage. SchoolOS lets schools organise data such as transcripts and student profiles with its web apps, and it also provides a platform for document and file sharing.

Builk. PlayMoolah. Waygo. Taamkru. Their journey started on the Satellite stage. Join us at the three satellite cities as we continue on our quest to find Asia’s Most Promising Startup!