Did you know that there has been tremendous interest in the South East Asian markets in terms of technology access and making early investments in startups?

As e27 creates more programs and initiatives for these markets, we have moved to engage the local government agencies directly during the TOP100 Tour that happened in March-April period.

Through such conversations and discussions, in Echelon Asia Summit this year, you will see various pavilions and booths representing these agencies. They will be sharing much about their market access programs for startups, investors amongst many initiatives.

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Apart of the new highlights in Echelon, e27 is also gathering the agencies for a private discussion forum on 27th June in order to create more dialogue among the agencies for better coordination on market access programs.

This year,  we are pushing for open data access for startups and investors (AKA, the Crunchbase for Southeast Asia) and perhaps suggest a singular set of documents for fund raising and ICO related activities.

Some of the discussions and networking will happen over dinner and drinks as well, and the dinner is open to private industries relevant to these conversations.

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If you are interested to participate in the the networking dinner after the forum, please email us the request at [email protected] and we will inform you on where to purchase these limited 20 tickets!