Image credit: Zenimax Online Studios

Zenimax Online Studio announced on a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread the starting dates and time for the Elder Scrolls Online (PC and Mac version) early access and launch in Asia, specifically in Singapore.

Players who got the five-day early access pass via preorder will get to go questing in Tamriel on March 30, 7PM SGT. Elder Scroll fans who got the three-day early access pass (again, via preorder), will be able to start on April 1 at 7PM SGT. Players who wish to play the game at launch instead will get to start on April 4, 7AM SGT.

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The Elder Scrolls Online will only be available on PS4 this June. A PlayStation Plus subscription will not be required to go online. If you happen to have bought an Xbox One through grey market means, you will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play ESO (also out in June). Those who wish to buy the game can either do so on Bethesda’s site or on the official Singapore site.