Equinix, a global interconnection and data center company, today announced its plans to expand the company’s footprint in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. This includes development of a third International Business Exchange (IBX), known as SG3, in Singapore.

At a groundbreaking ceremony held earlier today, Equinix also announced that it has commissioned Mapletree Industrial Trust, a leading industrial real estate investment trust listed in Singapore, to develop the new SG3. Tham Kuo Wei, chief executive office and manager of Mapletree Industrial Trust, commented that they will build the new IBX to meet BCA Green Mark and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. This in turn strengthens Mapletree’s commitment to environmentally sustainable developments.

SG3 will see approximately 385,000 square feet of gross floor area and 5,000 cabinets over multiple phases. Scheduled to open in the second half of 2014 with a proposed investment of US$50 to 55 million, the first phase will provide 1,000 cabinets. At the same time, Equinix is investing US$55 million in the fifth phase of its second Singapore IBX data center. The fifth phase of the expansion, which is expected to be available end of 2013, will provide 920 additional cabinets, bringing the total number of cabinets at this IBX data center to 4,176. It will also enable the provision of a high-connectivity, high-availability environment to support its customers’ cloud-based services.

Located in close proximity to Equinix’s existing SG1 data center, at one-north, both SG3 and SG1 will be connected through a dedicated fiber network. This will allow customers in SG1 to expand their business within the Equinix platform. Direct tethering to SG1 also enables customers in SG3 to interconnect as if they were in the same location.

Equinix also noted that SG3 will be compliant with guidelines introduced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in July 2012. SG3 will also feature Business Suites for existing and new customers in Singapore who require larger footprints. With Business Suites, Equinix can offer customers bespoke solutions and an option to tie their larger deployments for select applications into Platform Equinix without sacrificing reliability or access to carriers and the Equinix ecosystem.


Samuel Lee, president of Equinix Asia Pacific, shared about the company’s involvement in the region. They have been looking at big cities with consumer demand like Melbourne, Shanghai and Beijing. He said, “Singapore is currently one of the fastest growing cloud adopters in Asia-Pacific, fueled by the rapid growth in adoption of social networking as well as the consumption of new forms of digital content. As a result, organizations including financial institutions here require an efficient, reliable and secure data center to support the growing number of digital platforms they use to serve their customers.”

More than that, Equinix is in 31 markets and 15 countries. In Asia Pacific, they have a presence in five countries, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia (Jakarta), Australia (Sydney) and Japan (Tokyo).

Image Credit: Datacenterknowledge, Equinix