Beginning Design Thinking

Beginning Design Thinking

Date: 12 January, 2017

Country: Singapore

Venue: GA Singapore @ Claymore Hill Level 3, 8 Claymore Hill, Space Mob Singapore , Singapore 229572

Organized by: General Assembly

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Design thinking is a user-centered rapid prototyping approach to innovation, adaptable to any organization for the creation of products, software, systems, and much more.

Time: 7 – 9:30 pm SGT

About This Class
Design thinking is a user-centered rapid prototyping approach to innovation. It focuses on creating empathy for users in order to define a design problem, proposing multiple solutions that can address the situation, and rapidly prototyping and testing solutions among users for further improvement.
This class will be both theoretical and practical, introducing students to the design thinking process and asking them to participate in an exercise that puts new knowledge to work.
Students will be able to apply the knowledge they gain in this class to business challenges across industries and workgroup structures.

In this class, students will:
-Understand design thinking methodologies and how they apply across industries
-Develop strategies to increase empathy with customers to best understand user needs
-Embrace “dirty” brainstorming to cast a wide net on possible solutions to the user’s problem
-Learn to rapidly prototype solutions for user testing and iterate through the prototype-test cycle

Prereqs & Preparation
This class is appropriate for any student wanting to effect innovative change in his or her organization. No prior design experience or specific artistic ability is required.


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