Date: 17 January, 2018

Country: India

Venue: The Chancery Pavilion 135, Residency Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

Organized by: I-Deals Network Pvt. Ltd.

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With a population of over 1.25 billion India is one of the biggest and fastest growing economies in the world - standards and professionalism are of significant importance. In the absence of standards of business valuation the valuation is more on an art based on the professional experience of the valuer rather than a science based on empirical studies and logics. At present there are no prescribed standards and codes for valuation in India, in many cases the valuation lacks the uniformity and generally accepted global valuation practices. Though the value of a business can be objectively determined employing valuation approaches, this value is still subjective, dependent on buyer and seller expectations and subsequent negotiations and use of professional judgment is an essential component of estimating value. A New law regarding Valuation is being discussed and is in the process of being drafted by government bodies. At the summit, we will have a discussion on the requirement and the importance of these laws. We will try to find out how these proposed laws will impact the current practices of the valuation profession.
We have invited experts from International Bodies like IVSC,IIBV, stakeholders from India, including different regulators, corporations and corporate affairs ministry to discuss the future of Valuation in India. We also intend to invite Private Equity and Startups professionals to discuss the significance of valuation for Startups. We are expecting a 200+ audience to be part of this summit.
Experts Profile
• Mark L. Zyla, Chairman – IVSC Standards Review Board
• Nick Tablot, CEO – IVSC
• Raymond Moran, CEO - MG Valuation (USA)
• Michael Badham, Executive - Director IIBV(Canada)
• D S Vivek, Principal Consultant - Annveshan Business Solution
• Sr Elvin Fernandez, Managing Director - Khong & Jaafar Group Of Companies (Malaysia)
• Abhishek Sharman, Founder and MD - Carpediem Capital Partners
• Imran Jafar, General Partner - Gaja Capital
• Nagaraja Prakasam, Founder Chairman - Native Angels Network
• Ajay Mital, Partner - Ascent Capita
• Vinod Murali, Managing Partner – Alteria capital advisor LLP
• Sridhar Rampalli, General Partner – Parampara Capital LLP
More experts joining soon....
Partner Profile:
The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) is an independent, notfor-profit organisation that acts as the global standard setter for valuation practice and the valuation profession, serving the public interest. It is a leader in the mission to raise standards of internal valuation practice. Its core objectives are to: develop high quality International Valuation Standards (IVS) which underpin consistency, transparency and confidence in valuations across the world, and encourage the adoption of IVS across the globe, along with professionalism provided by Valuation Professional Organisations. IVSC facilitates collaboration and cooperation among its member organisations, who are valuation practitioners, financial services businesses, NGOs, regulators and academic institutions. IVSC consists of nearly 100 member organisations from around the world and is supported by numerous sponsors who are leaders in the valuation field. These include the world’s leading accountancy and valuation firms, professional bodies and other important global organisations.
Agenda - Business Valuation road ahead
Session 1 : Business Valuation – Eco system & Opportunities in India
Session 2 : Need for regulation for business valuation professionals – Panel Discussion
1. The increasing importance of valuations in financial reporting
2. Valuation standards – which standards?
• Methodologies
• Ethics and professionalism
• Performance standards
Session 3: The role of valuation professional organizations
• International and India designations
• The future of the BV profession
Session 4: Startups – A game changer in current economic scenario
1. Panel Discussion – Why Startups must value their firms
2. Panel Discussion – Valuation of Tech Startups
• How is it different from other business valuations?
• Key issues and why they matter
• Is valuation of Tech-startups a bubble?
Session 5: Valuations in M&A transactions
• Business Valuation in M&A deals – Sell side
• Business Valuation in PE/VC deals – Buy side
Session 6 -Business Valuation best practices – Panel discussion
Valuation methodologies and challenges
• Determining the cost of capital in India
• Complex financial instruments
• Contingent consideration
• Insolvency issues in India
Registration details:
Standard Fee: INR 7999 plus taxes (per delegate)
Early bird discount for first 50 delegates: INR 5499 plus taxes (per delegate)
For Group discount (for 3 or more delegate): INR 4999 plus taxes (per delegate)

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