Connecting Entrepreneurs, Investors, & Professionals in Tokyo

Connecting Entrepreneurs, Investors, & Professionals in Tokyo

Date: 23 March, 2017

Country: Japan

Venue: Bit & Innovation, Shinjuku

Organized by: BEAM

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BEAM (Bridging Entrepreneurs and Movers) Our mission is simple - To bring together fellow Entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) in a fun, insightful, and inspiring way. It's an event exclusively organized by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. We understand that entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely journey, and that's why we've decided to launch this event. Unity grants us strength to achieve greater things.

The topic this time around will be on Artificial Intelligence and Innovation of the Future. We're also really excited to have TinkBig Ventures (A Seed to early stage Venture Capital firm) join us for the event!

This event is perfect for:
You're looking to forge partnerships for your business.
You're looking to raise funds to kickstart your ideas
You're looking to raise funds to grow your business (Seed, Series A, etc.)
You're looking to create awareness and reach more customers for your business
You're looking to validate an idea for your potential business.
You want to see awesome products, services, and ideas by other entrepreneurs.
You just want to meet new people, mingle, and have a great night.

Who will be at the event?
Passionate, like-minded entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) from all walks of life. Over 20 - 30 startups/businesses will be at this event, some will be sharing insights and topics related to tech, startup life, and more.
Investors and Venture Capital firms.
Representatives from Government Agencies & Grant Providers.
Press & Media Publication Representatives.
Attorneys and individuals from legal background.
Many other professionals!

In short, it's super awesome and fun!

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Important Note:
Food & Drinks are not provided for walk-ins (paid at door tickets). The cut-off date for registrations is 6 hours before the event.
Ticket passes are for a single entry
Light refreshments will be provided at the event.
If you're a startup and would like us to feature/mention your company, please let us know.
If you'd like to sponsor our event, please drop us a mail at contact [at] or