FuckUp Night #18

FuckUp Night #18

Date: 15 November, 2017

Country: Singapore

Venue: Hub Singapore, Princep

Organized by: Fuckup Night

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Fuckup Nights Singapore is back for ROUND 18! This will be our last session for 2017, before we are back in 2018 with more stories of the grit behind the glamor of startups.

There's a lot of press around success, and not enough for all the frustrating, confusing, chaotic, hilarious moments in-between.

Fuckup Nights is a global movement to share business failure stories in a candid way -- to destigmatise and explore the tough moments, to create a more solid foundation for innovation.

(1) Bjorn Lee, Founder of Mindfi
(2) Tay Ling, Managing Director of TILT – a business first creative agency
(3) Daryl Chew, Founder Nail Deck, a custom cosmetics company


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